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Bone Densitometer Machine

Wholesale Trader of a wide range of products which include exa 3000 bmd machine, bone mineral densitometer, primus dxa bone densitometer, beetle bone densitometer and ultrasound bmd machine.

EXA 3000 BMD Machine

EXA 3000 BMD Machine
  • EXA 3000 BMD Machine
  • EXA 3000 BMD Machine
  • EXA 3000 BMD Machine
  • EXA 3000 BMD Machine
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Approx. Price: Rs 12 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:

Usage/ApplicationHospital, Diagnostic Center
Weight27.45 kg
Measurement MethodpDXA(Peripheral Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry)
Measurement ParameterBMD,T-score,Z-score,BMC,Ratio of T-score and Z-score
QC CheckDaily QC phantom
Dimension670 x 410 x 373 mm
Power Consumption100~240 VAC,50~60 Hz
ModelEXA 3000
Scan Time5 sec. (Calcaneus),5 sec. (Forearm)
Scan SitesCalcaneus (Heel) & Forearm
X-Ray DetectorCCD Detector
X-Ray SourceStationary anode X-Ray tube
Precision & Accuracy1% (Based on QC Phantom)
Operating SystemWindow XP,2000 and Vista

We are among the reputed organizations, highly engaged in providing an optimum quality range of EXA 3000 BMD Machine. EXA-3000 is the one and only pDXA BMD device for measuring bone density of wrists and ankles, the areas the WHO recommends for measurement. It boasts of the quickest scanning speed of fewer than 5 seconds based on the Cone Beam method and the strength that only DXA can offer as it allows an operator to measure a patient without having to take off their socks or stockings. It is a device for quick and no-fuss measurement and diagnosis.

Key Features of EXA 3000
  • Measure two spots: forearm & calcaneus (heel).
  • Support optimized diagnosis software (BMD, BMC, T-Score, Z-Score).
  • Easy to install and move.
  • Windows XP-based graphic window makes the operation easier for any users.
  • Accurately measure the age of the wrist by measuring articular bone of the wrist.
  • High-resolution image (real image) as good as X-ray images.
  • Comprehensive analysis including growth potential, age and nutritious state and trend of bones.
  • Possible to measure fingers, carpal bones and calcaneus.
  • Superior accuracy and repeatability.

Strengths of the tester
  • Measure WHO-recommended sites (forearms, heels).
  • Recognized as the quickest tester with 5 seconds or less in measuring time, thanks to Cone Beam.
  • Easy to measure patients, no extra spending of consumables and accurate measurement.
  • Automatic soft tissue calibration and distinction of bone boundaries.
  • Use software to prevent spots which have a high number of trabecular bones which are clinically meaningful (=Lowest Bone Density) and accordingly to errors by operators or patients.
  • Automated measurement and quality assurance, minimizing errors by operators or patients.
  • The radiation level is 0.1 mSv, which is equivalent to the emission level of natural rays, not requiring any separate radiation blocking room.
  • Possible to evaluate Future Fracture Risk and examine the trend.
  • Excellent repeatability by being designed to place feet or wrists at the right spots.
  • Possible to predict hereditary growth potential and future height through an examination of the childrens growth plate.
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Bone Mineral Densitometer

Bone Mineral Densitometer
  • Bone Mineral Densitometer
  • Bone Mineral Densitometer
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Product Details:

Weight12 kg
ApplicationDiagnostic Centre
Model NumberSONOST3000
Measurement MethodUltrasound
Measurement SiteCalcaneus (Heel)
Measurement Time15 sec.
Precision & Accuracy1%
Separation RangeAutomatic adjustment
Storage Capacity10,000 Patient information
Coupling MethodGel coupled (Water not used)
Display6.4 inch TFT LCD
User InterfaceTouch Screen,USB Keyboard (Optional),USB Mouse (Optional)
PrinterThermal Printer,External Printer (Optional)
Dimension300*620*390 mm

In line with clients' varied needs across the country, we are engaged in offering an optimum quality Bone Mineral Densitometer. These bone mineral densitometers are widely used in hospitals, medical institutions, clinics, etc. Being a quality-oriented organization, we assure our clients that this range is excellent on counts of performance and quality. In order to provide qualitative output to clients, this densitometer is designed using high grade components by our experts. We provide this range to our clients in several models at nominal price.

Key Features
  • Highly sensitive Touch Screen LCD allows for easy and comfortable use without stand-alone monitors
  • Embedded thermal printer allows easy, quick, cost-saving printout of the result
  • Various options including External Monitor, Printer or Keyboard to customize to hospitals and users requirements

Strength of the tester
  • Ultrasound type is received as safe to use among users, alleviating their concern about radiation emission as in the case of X-ray.
  • Relieve burden on patients as the measurement time is only 15 seconds or less.
  • Compact size, easy to move and can be installed anywhere.
  • Diagnose osteoporosis by comparing bone mineral density acquired through computer-calculation of ultrasound measurement data, to the mean of sample group and standard deviation.
  • Minimal difference in repeatability due to temperature change since BQI (Bone Quality Index) is calculated, using a combination of SOS and BUA.
  • Embedded highly sensitive 6.4 Touch Screen allows for easy and stand-alone measurement
  • Embedded thermal printer allows easy, quick, cost-saving printout of the result, guaranteeing optimal performance during medical examination on the move.   
  • Cheaper to maintain due to the probe made of semi-permanent and highly elastic and safe material, without requiring balloon which uses water or oil.
  • When the foot is put in the equipment, the probe is automatically positioned on both sides of
  • calcaneus by fine-tuned pressuring sensor.
  • USB port on the back of the equipment makes patient data management easier.
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Primus DXA Bone Densitometer

Primus DXA Bone Densitometer
  • Primus DXA Bone Densitometer
  • Primus DXA Bone Densitometer
  • Primus DXA Bone Densitometer
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Approx. Price: Rs 35 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

Product Details:

ApplicationDiagnostic Centre
Weight210 kg
Scan TimeAP spine 3osec(-2sec to +2sec) Femur 25sec(-2sec to +2sec),Forearm 23sec(-2sec to +2sec)
Accuracy1% CV
Measurement ParameterBMD,T score,Z score,BMC,Area,BMI,B scope,Color Mapping
Scan SiteWhole body. AP Spine,Femur,Forearm,lateral Spine,LVA,Orthopedics
Scan Area2020 x 580 mm / 2020 x 620 mm (optional)
Table Height650 mm
Power Consumption110 / 220 VAC (+/-10%)

Preventing osteoporosis and bone fractures with our bone densitometerOsteoSys, a brand specialized in bone density diagnosis equipment, produces various products which can diagnose osteoporosis easily and accurately to help humanity enjoy healthy lives.
If you have accurate diagnosis and prescription through bone density equipment of OsteoSys, you can enjoy healthy and happy life by avoiding risk of osteoporosis.

State-of-the-Art DXA whole body scanning systemPRIMUS is the best one stop solution for the measurement of bone mineral density alongside body composition and various assessments. Patients lie still on a table while a machine arm passes over their entire body, technicians can get information of BMD, lean body mass and fat mass fo the whole body and individual regions. It helps us keep the body in balance especially fat and muscle.

Product Details:
  • PRIMUS is a whole body analyzer for the BMD(Bone Mineral Density), body composition, and bone morphology by scanning the whole body or a specific area of the body with its cutting edge Dual X-ray Absorptiometry(DXA) technology.
  • Based on the optimzed Fan beam DXA technology, PRIMUS is a leading a new design trend of medical devices with its combination of sophisticated feature and a cutting-edge touch-type console panel.
  • The console pannel consisting of a touch screen and a colorful rear LED light supports the practitioner to operate the device more easily.
  • PRIMUS can measure the whole body of a patient efficiently due to the multi - channel detectors thatcovers a wide area with higher speed.
  • The measuring sites of PRIMUS are the whole body or the regional areas.It can measure the BMD od AP spine, Dual Femur, Forearm, and Lateral Spine. And regarding teh body composition analysis function, it can quantitatively analyze the fat mass,lean mass, and the weight of a patient, and also there are other various analysis functions such as VFA, Orthopedics, Hip analysis, FRAX, Color Mapping.
  • Along with its widened scan area, PRIMUS shortened the examination time with a higher scan speed resulting to a more convenient examination process.

Features :
  • Whole body DXA(Dual energy X-ray Absorptiometry)
  • Fan beam technology
  • Scan site : Whole body, AP spine, Femur(Dual femur), Forearm, Lateral spine, LVA
  • Body composition : Fat mass, Lean mass, Total weight
  • Assessment : Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Hip analysis, FRAX, Color mapping
  • Scan time : AP spine(30Sec.), Femur(25 Sec.), Whole body (around 7 Min.)
  • Gorgeous design
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BeeTle Bone Densitometer

BeeTle Bone Densitometer
  • BeeTle Bone Densitometer
  • BeeTle Bone Densitometer
  • BeeTle Bone Densitometer
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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
Usage/ApplicationHospital, Clinic, Diagnostic Center
Result Time5 Sec
Power Supply220 V
Weight3.8 Kg
Dimensions249mm x 337mm x 146mm
Measuring SiteCalcaneus / Heel Bone
Battery Current2A
Measured ParameterT-Score,Z-Score,BQI,BUA,SOS,Ratio of T-Score and Z-Score

Control with NFC & Bluetooth
  • Easy operation with NFC (Bluetooth pairing)
  • Controls device easily with Bluetooth

Identifying the location of a device with GP

  • Operates when a device is stand by modeEvery 30min.
  • Device stores location information on stand by mode
  • Can save location data for the past 1 year ultrasound specification


Ultrasound Specification

  • Measurement area :(Calcaneus / Heel bone)
  • Measurement method : (Ultrasound Pulse Penetration) Coupling: Using Dry-type Ultrasound GEL

Additional Features
  • Automatically measures temperature and compensate deviation derived from temperature

    • Portable : Bluetooth Thermal printer

    • A4 size paper printing: Inkjet, Laser printer

    DICOM & Worklist
    • It can transmit report of measurement to server
    • It can be connected to FRAX website and possibly loaded to FRAX result chart
    • Ethnicity – 60 + , with Indian Patient database
    • GDP function ( Paediatric BMD)


    Export Function

    • Data is saved with *.CSV file and it can be displayed at Desktop PC or Notebook with Excel file


    User convenience

    • It is easy to operate with simple touching
    • Regardless of type of User interface, whether it is Smart phone or Tablet, application can be used

    Measurement parameter

    - SOS, BUA, BQI, T-score, Z-score, BMI

    - FRAX, Infan, Trend report and analysi

      Additional feature

      • Audio operation : Koran, English, Chinese
      • LED operation


        • Reproducibility : BUA ≤ 1.5 % C.V.
        • SOS ≤ 0.2 % C.V.
        • BQI ≤ 1.5 % C.V.



        Additional Information:

        • Production Capacity: 20 / Month
        • Delivery Time: 2-3 Weeks
        • Packaging Details: Standard Export Packaging
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        Ultrasound BMD Machine

        Ultrasound BMD Machine
        • Ultrasound BMD Machine
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        Approx. Price: Rs 5.5 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price

        Product Details:

        Weight12.6 Kg
        Dimensions706x310x387 mm
        Operation Temperature18-27 Deg C
        ApplicationDiagnostic Centre
        Voltage100-240 VAC
        Measurement MethodQUS
        Measurement SiteCalcaneus
        Measurement Time15 sec
        Humidity Range20-80%
        Probes AdjustmentAutomatic
        Storage Capacity30000 patients data
        Coupling MethodGel Method
        Frequency50-60 Hz

        By utilizing our years of experience, we bring forth a qualitative array of Ultrasound BMD Machine. It uses special X-rays to measure how much calcium and other bone minerals are packed into a segment of bone. Machines offered by us are precisely designed using highly advanced manufacturing unit following industry defined guidelines. These machines are availed in a variety of models and other technical specifications to choose from.

        QUS is a method to measure the bone density of the periphera skeletal system and uses the heel area The heel was chosen because the heel bone is a wide calcaneus bone between mlat yelp flat sides and It is easy to apply the transmission measurement to this area. The ultrasound pulse that passes through the bones is significantly attenuated with the signals diffusing and which Is also absorbed by the spongy tissues.

        • Waterless mode
        • Portable
        • Smart precision : C.V. %On vitro) -2.0 C.V. % (in vivo)
        • Built-in computer and printer
        • Touch screen : color TFT LCD monitor
        • Quick measuring speed (15 sec.)
        • Automatic positioning probes
        • Optional-Keyboard, mouse, external monitor & printer
        • 30,000 patient's data storage
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